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Our Services.

Professionally designed 3D CAD electrical drawings and panel layouts. Manufactured to the highest engineering standards using cutting edge technologies and design tools. Quality and safety ensured, without comprising your budget.



Bespoke software solutions for PLC & HMI integrations in any automated control panel or MCC, on the platform that suits your needs. Our engineers provide a structured logical program to reduce fault diagnosis time and standardise your systems.

Automation Consultation

As experts in our field, we are able to assist you in all things automation, that's why we offer a consultation service. If you have an idea of what you want to achieve, but don't know how to make it happen, contact us now for an expert opinion and a helping hand.

On Site Services

Our automation, electrical & mechanical engineers can be booked for shift cover, maintenance, minor alterations and breakdowns on daily/hourly rates. We also provide tailor made service contracts to ensure your site gets the support it needs.

 Control   Panel Manufacture

Our Specialities.

Control & Automation



We are able to support a wide range of equipment (including legacy products) producing back-ups, fault finding and bespoke software solutions:

  • Mitsubishi

  • Beijer

  • Omron

We write our software based on our in house ECS standardised structure, however we can develop the software to your standards also. 

Image by Scott Graham


We fulfil turnkey projects of all sizes, from start to finish. we begin with an in depth consultation in preparation for design and finish with a bespoke state of the art machine. We are able to project manager or assist with project management when installing a large piece of plant & equipment.

Standart pressure transmitter of portabl


We use various process simulators and calibration equipment to test & tune your instrumentation and signal loops. Keeping your equipment and instrumentation calibrated can be critical in ensuring the consistency and quality of you process or product, that's why we calibrate to manufacturer tolerences.

high technology Industrial Machine contr

Control Panel 

Our team design and build automation control panels, producing professional schematics & manuals for easy user interface and outstanding performance. We always consider 5 things when designing electrical control panels. Safety, regulation, maintenance, quality & price.

Advance universal automatic inverter for

Inverter & Servo Drives

Our software packages allow us to interrogate your equipment for fault diagnosis, produce back-ups and monitor condition for maintenance reporting. Our experience with inverter drives with the inclusion and "from scratch setup" in our projects, gives us a great platform to service yours on site.

Team work

Functional Safety

All our equipment is designed to comply with IEC 61508: Functional Safety and comes with certified documentation. We take safety with the highest importance and that's why we take a proactive approach and consider the safest design possible to achieve user needs.

Brands we work well with...

How Much do your engineers cost?

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Find out how you can significantly reduce your site maintenance & repair costs, by making one quick change to the way you run your engineering department.


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Enhanced Control Solutions

The Future of Engineering

Any Service provided by an engineering company should be so much more than just a financial exchange for a job to be completed. We believe by mixing our ingredients of passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and good customer relations we can provide a service that is more than just a tick in a box. We aim to assist in all engineering activities at your site from start to finish, ensuring work is completed to the highest standard and learning is enabled from both parties. We build solid foundations with our customers to ensure trust and reliability to find real business solutions to your engineering issues. 

Technology & Automation

Technology and automation can change the shape of a manufacturing site. It enables efficient and cost-effective production of products with the ability to manage OEE and continuous improvement remotely. We believe that using state of the art technology in our designs we can help you stay ahead of the curve and outperform your competitors to meet your business' full potential.


We believe our people are the key to success. We recognise that by having highly skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, professional and friendly people we are able to deliver a unique solution to engineering that is tailored specifically to the customer's needs. Our people attend the best training and we actively promote knowledge sharing across our company to develop the best teams possible.


We are dedicated to providing the best quality service at an extremely competitive price, so if you find a cheaper price for any service provided, or have received a quote, we will always endeavour to price match where possible. We have already established ourselves as a key supplier to one of the biggest food manufacturing companies nationally, which gives us a great platform to meet your needs at the best price. We believe our service is of great value for money and we believe you will think so too!




So, come and enjoy huge discounts on a massive range of services, without the need to compromise on quality!


Excellence is expected. Our price perfected.
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  If you're struggling to find what you're looking for, wish to discuss any of our services, or just want to have a chat about our company and what we can offer, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team on 01937 206490 or drop us an email at and we'll be more than happy to help! 

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