Engineering Costs

The True Cost of your Engineering Team

As an employer of engineers you are probably already well aware of the significant cost to your business that your engineering team are (although, worth every penny). This means if they are away from work for various reason it can become a headache as you either pay high external rates or you pay members of your team overtime rates to compensate. But do you realise how much you are actually paying?  

We've worked out what the average employed engineer cost's per hour and what you would pay as a business for them on overtime rates.

Recruitment Costs

Finding the right candidate is essential. Most employers spend between 20%-30% of the final salary per annum on recruiters or social media/recruitment sites to help them do this. 

Estimated Cost £8333.80 


This is always the biggest cost, and will be dependant on the job advertised and the skill level required. The average engineering salary in the UK according to "indeed" (2020) is £41,669.00

Estimated Cost £41669.00


Most companies are now paying performance related bonuses to their staff and UK government put the average payment at 6% of their salary.

Estimated Cost £2067.30

National Insurance

Did you know, all business' have to pay 13.5% national insurance contributions on top of the amount they pay an employee.

Estimated Cost £5625.32


Since the auto enrolment was introduced, it means that employers must pay a minimum of 3% contributions for their employees.

Estimated Cost £1250.07

Other Costs

It doesnt end there, here is an array of further costs of engineering employment:


  • Training

  • Office Space & Equipment (including tools)

  • Holiday Cover

  • Sick Cover

  • Software licenses  

Estimated Cost £13800

Total Cost

So when employing an engineer for your site and considering the above average salary, the actual cost to your business will be:

For the first year - £72, 745.49

Every year after (not incl inflation) - £64, 411.69

Now if we take an average working week of 40 hours, that means you are paying £30.96 per hour for your engineers. If you then have to pay overtime rates for cover due to sickness etc, then based on a usual 1.5 times salary benefit for overtime, this will cost you a massive £46.45 per hour.

Enhanced Control Solutions can provide you with onsite services and much better rates and we estimate:


We can save you £135.00 per shift (based on 12 hour day)