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Life at ECS

Work Life Balance.

We operate our business in a very unique way, which we believe is what makes our work great. We recognise that the biggest cost is also our biggest asset, our team. That's why we put so much focus on ensuring we have the best people and that we can retain them due to their love of the business they work for. We strongly promote self improvement & development and strive to bring about a true work life balance whilst still meeting or even better beating our customer commitments. This requires a lot of planning and forethought, but we achieve it by automating what we can, ensuring stream lined and efficient work processes and most importantly employing people with the skill and determination for success. We know our colleagues look after our customers to their best ability, that's why Enhanced Control Solutions looks after it's staff to the best of it's.

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Why We Stand Out.

Our passion for engineering and commitment to be being the best at providing bespoke automation solutions & systems, really shows through in our ability to understand a customers requirements and find the desired resolution. We push our teams to become experts of their field and will support their training requirements to ensure we can can be leading experts in our field. However we also recognise when we need help, and that's why we always maintain strong relationships with local service providers in similar industries. We share knowledge and resource to ultimately ensure the customers requirements are met.


ECS has a strong platform of design infrastructure, which allows us to fully understand our trades and ultimately offer a wide range of services.    

Who Are We?

We come in all shapes and sizes but ultimately we are ECS engineers. We live and breathe all things engineering in the hope to provide a holistic approach to engineering solutions. 

However we maintain our feet on the ground and make sure our work maintains a fun and enjoyable environment, structured to ensure we always move forward.

ECS Office
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